Welcome to Riverwalk!

Village at Riverwalk has 1 empty lot for sale/rent (see list below)Interested parties have 2 options:

1- They can Buy a Coop share (IE. Buy the land and with it a share in the running of Village at Riverwalk Cooperative)
They would then buy/build a home to place on that lot (We suggest either a Palm Harbor or a Jacobsen manufactured home)

2- They can buy/build a home and place it on one the lot listed below.  With this arrangement, they would agree to pay monthly rent (pad fees) to Riverwalk Cooperative.

Call the person listed below to get further details on how to proceed with option 1 or option 2 stated above.
Katy Prock - Lifestyle Choice Realty: Phone 941-966-5140 or katycakes48@verizon.net

Village at Riverwalk became a Resident-Owned Cooperative a few years ago.  Prior to buying Riverwalk, the residents were all "homeowners" who paid rent (sometimes called "pad fees") to the park owner. Roughly half of the residents opted to buy their land and as such became "shareholders" in the new Riverwalk Cooperative. The remaining residents who could not or did not want to join the cooperative, continued to pay rent on the land under their homes.  The rent varies according to such things as the size of the lot and the location of the lot within the village. (Ex. a lot on one of the 2 park lakes would command a higher monthly rent.)

Riverwalk then has 2 distinct groups of residents; Coop "shareholders" and "homeowners".  Only shareholders have a say in the running of the Cooperative. While shareholders pay no monthly "pad fees" (They do pay a maintenance fee of $185/mon), they also pay taxes on the land that they bought when they joined the Coop.  Homeowners on the other hand pay no land taxes, but pay much higher monthly pad fees and have no say in the running of the park.

Homesites for Sale
None Currently Available