Garage Parking

Garage Parking Guidelines


  • Monthly parking is $150 per month for Lowell House Residents and Lowell House Townhome/Schiller Plaza Residents.


  • Please provide a state registration and a copy of the vehicle proof of insurance.


  • Renters at Lowell are offered valet parking.


  • All vehicles parked in the garage must supply a key to the garage.


  • Owners are entitled to an assigned space in the garage.


  • For proper cancellation of parking, the sticker must be returned.  


  • Please note that vehicles at or above 6 feet in height will not fit into the garage.

    Below are the parking rates guests will pay (To receive the resident parking discount rate, FULL value of ticket must be paid with coupons only): 

 First 30 minutes Free
 0-2 Hours $2.00 (2 coupons)
 2-6 Hours $6.00 (6 coupons)
 6-12 Hours $8.00 (8 coupons)
 12-24 Hours $10.00 (10 coupons)

Please note that if a vehicle leaves the garage the clock does start over and rates will then be higher than the schedule above.  

Coupons can be purchased at the office at a discounted rate.  You can purchase 12 ($1.00) tickets for $10.00. Payable by check.  

Shorter term guest parking passes are available.  

3-day pass      $25.00
7-day pass      $45.00

These passes can be obtained through the Management Office.  


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