Questions & Answers



Q: Do you charge prospective tenants to actually show them a rental unit?
A: Absolutely Not.
Q: How do you handle refunding rental unit deposits?
A: We video tape the property before you move in, and when you move out. Your deposit is used to pay for
any changes in the property beyond normal wear and tear.
Q: If I have you manage my property, how do you handle repairs so that you don’t eat up the rent every month?
A: We make it a point to get your property ready to rent, when a Tenant moves out. That way when a new tenant moves in, in most cases, we don’t have to pay for unexpected repairs. During the tenancy, our
Management agreement spells out exactly how much we can spend before calling you for advise.
Q: What do I do if I can’t pay my rent on the 1st.
A: You contact Property Management and work out a schedule, late fees can be saved if a schedule is approved by
the owner. Otherwise, you have a five day grace period, with an eviction notice delivered on the 5th day.